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Advice on some specific areas of gardening; click on the title to view and download the tips as a PDF document.

Southport Flower Show

Top Tips

Vegetable seedlings Cornus at Cambridge Botanic Garden Marigold seed heads Trentham Gardens in September

Seasonal Tips

Top Tips for helping Winter Wildlife

Top Tips for Winter Colour

Top Tips for Mulching

TopTips for September Gardening Jobs

Top Tips for Winter Pruning

Top Tips for Annual Gardening Tasks

Top Tips for Autumn Colour

Top Tips for Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Plant propagation

Top Tips for Flower Seed Sowing Spring Schedule

Top Tips for Seed Collection

Top Tips for Seed Sowing Indoors

Top Tips for Growing Under Cover

Top Tips for Root Cuttings

Top Tips for Growing Annual Flowers from Seed

Top Tips for Hardwood Cuttings

Edible Gardening

Top Tips for Harvesting Edible Crops

Top Tips for Edible Gardens in Late Winter

Top Tips for Companion Planting in an Edible Garden

Top Tips for Easy-to-Grow Soft Fruit

Top Tips for Grow Your Own Beginners

Top tips for Edible Crops for Autumn Planting

Plants for Places

Top 15 Perennial Plants for Shady Gardens

Top 15 Perennial Plants for Dry and Sunny Gardens

Top 10 Wildflowers for Your Garden

Plant list for a Sensory Garden

Top 10 Climbers and Wall Shrubs

Top 7 Small Trees for Windy Gardens

Top 10 Flowering Perennial Plants for Height

Top 10 Ornamental Grasses

Garden Design

Top 6 Garden Designs from RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

Garden Design Tips for Beginners

General Gardening

Top Tips for First Time Gardeners  

Top 10 Gardens to Visit near the North West

Top Tips for Slug-Proofing

Top Tips for Pruning

Top Tips for Plant Supports

Creative Gardening

Step-By-Step Guide to Making Pallet Planters

Caring for Indoor Succulent Terrariums

Helleborus x sternii Coral Bark Maple