Sue Jeffries Garden Advice and Training Tel. 07443 459818

Date:     Saturday 30 September

    10.30am - 12.30pm


    1.30pm - 3.30pm

Venue:  Didsbury Parsonage Trust, Stenner Lane,                      Didsbury, South Manchester M20 2RQ                 


Have fun learning how to make an indoor garden with succulent plants.

This is a relaxed workshop suitable for beginners; during session you will

These terrariums make great Christmas gifts!

Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium Workshop

Cost and Bookings:

The fee is £30.00 for the workshop, which includes all materials and refreshments.

To book online for no extra fee see Eventbrite.  For more information contact me.

Succulent plant Hanging glass globe Terrarium kit Succulent plant selection Hanging glass terrarium 1 Hanging glass terrarium 2 Crassula ovatum Gollum