Sue Jeffries Garden Advice and Training Tel. 07443 459818

I’m a fully qualified teacher and horticulturalist with experience of planning and delivering projects, courses, workshops and talks for carers, gardening clubs, community groups, adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and mental health problems.  

Gardening projects provide the ideal opportunity to bring groups together to discover their own talents and abilities and help each other.  

My courses and workshops focus on having fun and de-mystifying gardening whether it is ‘Growing Your Own’, encouraging Wildlife, making a patch of land more attractive or getting your garden under control.

If you have recently won funding for a community gardening project I can also help you design, manage and deliver the project.  My usual fee is 10% of the budget, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

I have worked with several Lancashire Garden clubs, MIND, Social Landlords and Community Engagement Officers, NHS Secure Units, Children’s Centres, Carers’ Groups and Borough and Town Councils across Lancashire.

Contact me to see how I can help.

Session on Wildlife Gardening

Work with Social, Community and Health Groups & Organisations

Sowing wildflower seeds Taking cuttings


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