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Last year was my first attempt at a show garden and I won ‘Best in Show’ in the Grow Anywhere category at

Dig the City with my mini Recycled Edible Garden created to promote Turton Tower Kitchen Garden, where I volunteer.

This year I decided to try my hand at a larger garden and teamed up with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The hospital has a roof garden and a specialist Play Therapist who uses plants to support the children at the hospital.  This further inspired me to create a garden for specifically for children; creating a miniature plant world that they can explore and play with.  

Being relocated in a hospital means that the plants and materials used had to be low in allergens as well as having sensory value.  Some are permanently planted, but there is also an area for annual plants where the children can sow their own seeds and watch them grow.  For the festival the fantastic Victoria Park Infant School in Stretford grew some annual plants for us including lettuce, Dill, Kale and Basil.

As well as the sensory element of the colour, touch, taste and smell of the plants the garden includes still water, stone and sand for different textures and elements that can be move, touched and played with.  

The garden was a big hit with youngster on King Street during the festival and won a Gold Medal from Dig the City 2015.

The garden has now been re-installed on the roof garden at RMCH.

If you are interested in learning more about garden design come along to one of my courses.

Winning ‘Best in Show’ for my Recycled Edible Garden at Manchester’s Dig the City Gardening Festival in August 2014

Diarmuid Gavin Presenting my award Recycled Edible Garden 2014 Dig the City 2015 Victoria Park Infants School seedlings

For 2015, pupils at Victoria Park Infant School in Stretford have been growing vegetables and herbs for RMCH’s ‘The Playful Garden’.

The Playful Garden for RMCH Recycled Edible Garden 2014 Sue Jeffries with volunteers at Dig the City 2015